Mr. Rajiv Chawla

Ransal India Pvt. Ltd.


RANSAL has specialised in manufacture of Exhaust Manifolds, Bellows Expansion Joints for Diesel Engines with its office and manufacturing facilities in Calcutta, India.

Since inception this Company has made all efforts to be an expert in Exhaust Manifolds and Bellows business, and with the dedication of our Staff and the encouragement and support of our customers, we are proud to be a global leader today, with satisfied clients in most countries.

Being a forward looking Company fully responsive to the developement in the global market we are ready to accomodate diverse requirements of our customers worldwide, with our infrastructure of experienced management, staff and good production facilities.


RANSAL has since inception been involved in fabrication and distribution of diesel engine exhaust parts. Our fabrication capacity includes exhaust manifolds, bellows conectors, expansion joints, flexitallic and laminated gaskets and a variety of machined precision cast parts. We are in a position to offer most parts related to heavy diesel engines and locomotive engine components.

While most of our products are made to OEM specifications, we also assist our clients in improvising and developing tailor made exhaust manifolds, bellows, clamps, gaskets etc. and in replacing heavy cast manifolds with a fabricated design.


Our mission is to provide customer satisfaction by supplying quality engeering products on time on a cost effective basis through continuous monitoring and improvement of skill, expertise, process and equipment; thereby have an impressive image and goodwill globally.